Terms and Conditions

Please carefully read the Terms and Conditions before using Netwrkr.

  1. By using Netwrkr, you give consent to these Terms. If you do not accept all Terms then please do not use our service. Netwrkr is not associated with LinkedIn. 

  2. It is your obligation to comply with LinkedIn rules and terms of use. You use Netwrkr at your own risk.

  3. We will not be held accountable if your LinkedIn account is banned in any way. 

  4. We require your LinkedIn username and password to acquire the necessary API information for our platform. We do not store, give away or otherwise distribute your password to any third parties. 

  5. The number of connections is not guaranteed in any way.

  6. The error-free operability of our service cannot be guaranteed in any way.

  7. The responsibility of providing Netwrkr with updated passwords resides solely with the client. Downtime of services as a consequence of the client not providing their current password will not entitle the client to any payment reimbursement for that period of time.

  8. Upon purchasing our service, you agree that you clearly understand what you are purchasing, and will not file a fraudulent dispute via the payment processor used.

  9. Cancellation must be done 5 days before the next billing date to avoid the next months charge.

  10. It is the client’s responsibility to check the Terms to see if they have changed.

This document is correct as of 10/09/19.